Every day thousands of videos are uploaded to Google’s YouTube subsidiary. Not only individuals, but also companies have recognized the video portal for self-presentation and staging. The idea of ​​viral marketing has prevailed, resulting in the fact that new videos are constantly appearing on the portal. But why is it that some of the clips in a short time have thousands of “views”, while others have been clicked only 10 times after months?


When a person uploads a video to YouTube, they usually want the video to have a high range, i. As large as possible. But how to generate a high click rate? A uniform answer to this question is non-existent. However, in many forums and blogs, you often find this question or try to promote their people’s videos. In other words, there seems to be a great interest in this topic. Not least, this has a commercial background. Not only does YouTube involve its users at the switched advertising, which is often embedded next to or above the videos, but in this way has already become one or the other “artist” to become an internet star and has thus earned good money. But companies also use video portals to make their brand known or to place their product advertising successfully.
The fact is that with a certain number of views a “snowballs effect” is set and the video and its click rate becomes the “self-running”. But how do you achieve this development as quickly as possible?

Attractive video material

Of course, the video should have a certain quality or benefit for its viewers, because a bad video will usually not produce any viral success on video portals (apart from manipulation). In practice, especially fun or shocking clips are announced. Videos which in some way trigger emotions in the viewer. Often this is unfortunately the pure satisfaction of curiosity, loss of pleasure or voyeurism.
Who has produced a particularly “funny” video can look forward to many visitors? No. In the beginning, the video has a small number of visitors because it appears in the bottom results of the YouTube search because of the lack of familiarity.

Video “promote”

The video must be made “famous”. It must be ensured that it does not go down in the mass of the videos. For this, some tricks have become established: The video should have “targeted” tags (search terms that describe the content of a video and facilitate the search for them). The title should describe the clip as precisely as possible and in a few words come to the point. You can adjust the title of the video. If possible, this should appeal to a viewer. Another factor is the networking effect of the communities. If you have many “friends” and “subscribers” on YouTube Views, the click-through rate of a video increases as if by itself. This has to be achieved by uploading new appealing clips at regular intervals. Also, you can send the video as a link to friends, embed in a signature in forums or post on social networks in the profile. It is also very effective to thank all the participants and commentators.

In addition, the video can be promoted by uploading it as a video response to another known clip, which should fit the video, however. Anyone who runs their own website or writes a weblog can easily embed the videos and thus reach another audience and at the same time increase the attractiveness of the site or the blog.

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