Unambiguously expected can of course once again an improved camera in the next iPhone. Already in the iPhone 6 and earlier models, Apple has put a lot of emphasis on the emphasis of new camera functions, since the smartphone has already replaced an additional digital camera for numerous users. A source of John Gruber, among other things the operator of the famous technology blog Daring Fireball, is said to have contributed to the fact that the camera in the upcoming iPhone could represent the biggest technological leap so far. The talk is in this context of a two-lens system, which is to enable recordings in DSLR quality. Unfortunately, no further technical details are currently known in this context. It is also expected that Sony’s announced image sensor Exmor RS IMX230, which offers 21 megapixels and a live autofocus system, would be an option for the iPhone 7 for 2015. After all, Apple already used Sony sensors for the iPhone. A more or less exclusive use of the sensor in the upcoming Z3 successor of Sony appears however more likely. But either way: The time for a great development jump of the iPhone camera has actually come.

Hydrogen fuel cell in mobile phone 7?

What do we all want for the iPhone 7? Exactly: a further improved battery life. Already in the middle of the year, a Daily Mail report made it clear that Apple would work with the British company Intelligent Energy to use long-term fuel cells as a source of energy in mobile devices. Such fuel cells can, for example, convert hydrogen into electrical energy, but this is also the problem when it comes to the fuel cell as a battery replacement. Fuel cells must be recharged regularly and can not be charged just like a classic battery. A realistic use as battery replacement in mobile devices seems almost impossible. But: as a replacement for the power supply or as an external energy supplier on the road, fuel cells can be used. With Intelligent Energy Upp, a first fuel cell for the power supply of mobile devices is now available in Great Britain. This is intended to offer a smartphone a week additional runtime – without having to be charged. If a Upp cartridge is empty, it must be refueled at a charging station. These charging stations should be easy to find through the app.

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Sure, you can only speculate when it comes to the upcoming iPhone. However, some future functions and features are more likely than others. And sometimes, even the first-sided features, such as a screen of the hologram-like 3D projections, can not be as improbable on closer inspection – even if such a technology could possibly be used in the iPhone 8.

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