The super magic box, it is the most expensive casket you can get / receive. In this case are immense cards. On this page you can find a list of the contents. The number of cards will depend on your arena.

super magic kistHet whole game is based on improving your troops. These troops are actually your “playing cards”. With these cards you are going to win battles and winning a fight you get some new cases. In each new seating cards, so you can upgrade your cards and make it even better. Better maps means you still win more fights + that you end up in a higher league. The higher your arenas, the more cards you have in your chest.

So it all comes down to open as many boxes to make your troops more quickly. There are as many as seven different boxes available. This can range from the wooden boxes (free of charge) to the super magic boxes (very rare). On this page we are going to talk about the content of a super magic box. The opening of this super magical box lasts 24 hours!

This crate will very rarely receive after winning attack. If you want to receive it directly, you can always buy them in the clash generous store. But this obviously costs gems. Get clash royale apk hack!

Clash Royale Super Magic chest buy in the store!

As mentioned earlier you can also buy the super magical box in the store. The cost of the coffin has to do with the arena where you’re standing in.

Contents super magic box!

If you want to buy this box make sure your best that you are in a high arena, the higher your arenas, the more content of the boxes! Therefore it is sensible to do some make a push to the next arena to receive more content!

Legendary map in super magic box?

The can you find a legendary card is always greater in this case than in any other cases. When you arena 8 (Legendary arena) is of course that is likely the greatest!

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